Welcome to the reincarnation of Gadget's Fixit Page for Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycles, with modifications and maintenance tips for the Kawasaki Nomad and other Vulcan cruisers.

Too much great information and tips have been accumulated by Gadget at gadgetjq.com to let it all fade into the ether, so enjoy the contents here.

There's still some work going on, so don't be too surprised if things get moved around a little*. The search box at the top should always get you to what you're looking for. If you find links to other sites that don't work, send a note to  and I'll fix or remove them.

* For instance, you may notice that the URL has changed since the last update from "gadgetsfixit.com" to the more descriptive "gadgetsfixitpage.com", and that the site now uses SSL. Just keeping up with the Internet...

Thanks to the original Gadget for collecting and maintaining so much valuable information for so long!

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