Bedroll Carrier from Sunny Bob

Idea from Sunny Bob

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No, that's not Sunny Bob but he probably wishes it was

You've probably seen those motorcycle movies where the bedroll is hung over the headlight, maybe you've even seen riders pulling into shows and events ready to sleep wherever they happen to be. Well you can do the same with about a two dollar investment and it'll look a lot tidier than the picture above----If you have a windshield.

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Sunny Bob simply replaced four of his stock Nomad windshield bolts with chrome eye bolts as shown in the picture at right.

A couple of small bungie cords run from eyebolt to eyebolt (wrapped at least once around your roll) and voila!

sb_bedroll_carrier2.jpg (76752 bytes)
You have yourself another secure spot to carry the bedroll or, an entire tent if you wish!

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Outstanding Idea. SB.
Now get some helmets!