Personalize Your 1500 Nomad and Classic By Changing The Nameplate

Custom Tips for 5 Gallon Tanks from George Denkins, & Chip Taylor
and for 4.2 gallon tanks from JohnPrice

Why advertise for Kawasaki when you can advertise yourself? There are three very similar examples shown below, all different paths to the same destination. A customized dash plate for your Nomad or Classic 1500 FI. You may find one of the three more suitable for your situation.

George's Way

For a mere $20 (includes shipping) George will make you a custom dash plaque as shown here:

George's Dash

The plaque is made of micro thin laminated plastic and is laser engraved. You have a choice of just sticking it on the stock plaque (it is self adhesive) or remove the stock plaque with a very thin knife and replace the old with your new one.

Your name or anything else you'd like can be printed on the lower portion of the plate. Keep in mind more words means smaller print. To purchase one contact George at [email protected] or phone 304-562-7699.

Chips Way

This is essentially the same as George's dash except you have it made by your friendly local trophy shop. Remove your original plate or print the image below and take it to the shop so they can copy it. The nameplate dimensions are exactly 2"x3".

Print the image below (the nameplate dimensions are expactly 2" x 3" on either a color or decent black and white printer to show a trophy shop. You can also trace your existing plate or very carefully (using an x-acto knife or something similar) remove your plate and take it with you for a template. Not all shops have the equipment to make the cut. It has to be laser cut and even then some "creative sanding" may be necessary.

You can have pretty much anything you want printed on the plate and re-attach it to your bike with 3M Emblem Adhesive.

Chip Taylor

Chip's Dash

Additional Options for FI Dashes

If you carefully pry up your existing dash plate with an x-acto knife or something similar (the aluminum is very thin) you can flip it over and customize it. Some Classic/Nomad FI owners have simply buffed theirs to a high luster and glued it back on, others have painted it flat black. The possibilities are endless.

4.2 Gallon Tank dash option

jp_dash_treatment.jpg (70459 bytes)
I got tired of the glare off of the Cobra dash plate on my '00 Nomad so turned it into a woody. Took the plate off, turned it over, glued on two layers of wood veneer, sanded and waxed. Then put it back on. I used Australian Lacewood because of the color and figure. You could use any wood or even purchase some non descript stuff and dye it to your satisfaction.

How To Do It

When doing the glue ups, you need mask the back of the plate and use a polyurethane glue between the metal plate and the first piece of laminate. Poly holds better. Next use something like Elmer's yellow or white wood glue to glue a second piece of veneer over the first. When letting the glue cure, use lots of pressure to squeeze out the excess. Also, make sure that the top layer of veneer is covered with blue painters tape to keep the glue from coming through and ruining the wood. Trim excess material with a Dremmel. Use a drill press and drill out the hold down holes and the holes for the idiot lights. Make sure that you drill from the back side and support the wood on the front with a waste scrap that you will drill into. This keeps the veneer from splitting. Next, sand the surface lightly, very lightly with 220 grit followed by 320 grit or better. Apply protective finish as desired. A good polyurethane would be good. Be sure to seal the edges of the plate AND the holes. Let dry. Reinstall the panel on the bike. Stand back and admire. If anyone wants to do the dash panel and doesn't have the skill/nerve, I can do it for a modest fee. The bike owner will need to go to the store and get the wood of choice. I'll be glad to provide the skill to install. About $45 + their old panel + plus shipping. E-mail me at: [email protected]

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