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Once in awhile you stumble over a product that works so well you just have to share it with others. The "EZ Detail Bike Brush" is one of those products.

How often have you washed your bike but couldn't reach those tight spots like the top of the swing arm, between cylinders, between the frame and engine and... yep, up under the front and rear fenders? How about between the rear fender and your bags without removing the bags?

I had seen the website video and a demonstration by the inventors at a local bike show but thought 20 bucks for a brush a little steep. At the '04 Palm Springs "American Heat" bike show I took the plunge and ponied up the Andy Jackson because, after a week in the desert the ol' Nomad was getting pretty grungy. This would be a terrific test. I also remembered an adage my father was fond of, "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap tools."

As recommended I filled a bucket with warm water and car washing soap, rinsed as much grunge off the bike as I could with a hose then went to work with the brush. Between wheel spokes, down into tight places between pipes and cylinder heads, even in the spot I always had to go back and get, between the bike lift and crankcase-- the (chemical resistant so you can use mild degreasers if needed) brush went there without scratching a thing. Not a bristle was lost in the process and, once dry the brush stores away in the provided case (picture above).

The "EZ Detail Bike Brush" is surely not a cheap tool but it is a very good one even if you only use it a couple of times a year. You can get the Regular or Mini brushes from Amazon.

The graphic above was taken from the Bike Brush Website

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