It's About TIME! Clocks You Can Actually See While Riding

Pardon Me, Do You Have The Time?

So you're riding and you can't see your watch because your jacket and gloves are covering it. You have a Fuel Injected Vulcan with the digital clock but the speedometer needle is always covering that so what to do? Well, buckaroo you have some options and none include loading a grandfather clock onto your luggage rack..

  1. You can visit an automotive store and purchase a digital clock designed for dashboards. I've seen them round and rectangular and can be attached with Velcro to make bike washing and that annual battery change a little simpler.
  2. There are aftermarket suppliers of clocks specifically made for mounting on a motorcycle including Amazon and Ebay which offer a variety of nice clock/thermometer sets and Formotion Products which offers a huge range of 'add to your handlebars' products.

Downside to having a clock right in front of your face? It's really difficult, when the S.O. asks why you're so late to say "Well, I was riding and time just sort of got away from me!"

Cheers All

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