Extra Storage Space With Your Trunk

If you've added a tour pak (trunk) to your bike chances are pretty good there's an empty space

pillionbag_gap.jpg (78317 bytes)
between the rear of your pillion pad and the trunk itself. Why not make use of the space to carry extra batteries, a camera, first aid kit, pen and paper, small spray bottle of windshield cleaner and cloth, trail mix ---- whatever!

I checked out several motorcycle stores in my area looking for a bag that was 10 inches wide, 5 inches high and about 2 inches thick to fill that space.

The Harley stores had one that fit perfectly but it was $89. Not gonna happen.

A couple of online MC luggage stores had windshield bags that looked like they might work but they wanted about $30 plus ten bucks shopping. Hmmm, closer.

Then, while admiring my lovely bride one day the solution came to me. I went shopping at Wal-Mart.

pillionbag_finished.jpg (100826 bytes)
Check it out: Soft leather with a zippered top, a little zippered storage area inside, magnetic snap closures on leather pockets front and sides. Remove a strap, add a strip of Velcro on the back of the bag and on the aluminum trim of the trunk and you're done!

pillionbag_origin.jpg (47063 bytes)
My new pillion bag started life as a........ Yep, you guessed it.... a 'man bag'. <g>
Nine bucks. I won't tell what the bag really is if you won't.

This might also work as a windshield bag.


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