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Premeux Fairing On '01 Nomad
(Trunk is from an '84 Venture  See Trunks Page for details)

This is the part that will turn your Nomad into a full fledged dresser. My experience (with Premeux fairing) is even less buffeting than with the stock windshield and oversized lowers. If there is a downside it would be a bit more weight on your steering that you'll have to adjust to. The fairings themselves are extremely light but when you start adding speakers and radios and other toys it can add up. This is something to keep in mind if you tend to spend more time driving slower through the twisties than barreling along at highway speeds.

As with Trunks, adding a fairing to your Nomad can be as easy or as complicated as you'd like it to be. It's sort of like buying computers: You can have small, you can have fast or you can have cheap. Pick two. When it comes to fairings you can purchase a Harley Davidson Electra Glide model from E-bay for less than $100 (sometimes for the outer shell, more for both the outer and inner usually) then take it to a painter so it matches your bike and either cobble together your own mounting brackets or have them made (see below). You can go with the Jireh fairing for about $535 plus mounting brackets ($158) which comes with a windshield and is generally primed for painting. Take the fairing to your local painter and pay their going rate for plain color or artwork. The newcomer to this mix is Hoppe Industries which, for $1295 offers a fairing with inner liner pre-wired with high output radio and four speakers, about $700 (plus shipping) without radio and speakers. Like the Jireh, the Hoppe fairing is ready for your paint. Or you can watch the UPS driver pull up to your house with a ready to mount, already painted fairing from Premeux. Current pricing (the exchange rate varies day to day) is listed on the Premeux website or phone them for specifics as there are many options available. All prices are as of this posting, subject to change without notice etc. You will have to do your own shopping and ask your own questions regarding the type of materials used in these products, thickness of the fiberglass etc to determine what is and what is not important to you.

Once you've decided on the fairing you want you also get to choose whether you want to mount radios, antenna and speakers or gauges or switches or......... The sky is the limit and the style is just a matter of how creative you can be.

So, what do you get for your money from the commercial kits? With some you only get the outer fairing while Premeux and Hoppe come with an inner liner for mounting radio's, gauges etc. The Harley fairing will generally include an inner liner although some are sold on E-Bay without or the two pieces are sold separately.

Click Here To Open a Spreadsheet Showing All (known) Fairings Available For Nomad


fpfairing_liner2550.jpg (27673 bytes)

Premeux Fairing inner liner.  Note speaker enclosures.  In center is a leather panel that snaps over a box (space) for radio, instruments or just storage.

fpfairing_front550.jpg (29568 bytes)

The front shell bolts to the inner liner at seven points, 3 across the windshield and 4 from the liner side.  The chrome strip shown is an option.  

fpnad_faring_innerliner.jpg (70343 bytes)

Inner liner attached to the bike.  Note there are 6 attachment points. The four points where the stock windshield is attached and two (stock location) bolts for the panel behind the headlight shell.  Radio box is an integral part of the inner shell. A 5 mm Allen wrench and Phillips screwdriver is all you need to mount this fairing

nad_dash.jpg (97459 bytes)

Inner liner with radio and other accessories mounted

fpnadwfairing_front2.jpg (81883 bytes)

Bolted up. The fairing will accommodate all aftermarket light bars.  Note stock Nomad lowers are being used.  There is 'no' buffeting even at very high speeds.

inner_liner_wiring.jpg (343318 bytes)
It looks like a rats nest but there is order to it--really!  Note the use of Coax connectors so everything can just be unplugged from the bike if necessary and the inner liner removed without disturbing accessories



radio_fairing_wire_diagramc.jpg (56696 bytes)

Want to add a radio?  Here's a wiring diagram.   Note, the diode is necessary if you use the switch shown otherwise power will flow the wrong way into your bikes systems.  All your dash lights come on and who knows what else might be powered up.Wiring for speakers not shown


The Premeux, Hoppe and Targa mounting process is made simple with mounts made specifically for the product and your Nomad. The HD fairing requires a bit of creative bracket making. You can make them yourself or contact Lee Sido who makes brackets to mount the '60-'84 HD fairing,  the '96 and later outer fairing only or the '96 and later inner/outer. All of Lee's brackets mount to the stock Nomad windshield fork bracket, no HD hardware required. You can contact Lee at [email protected]  or 815-969-8165


fairing premeux

premeux_fairing_1600.jpg (151948 bytes)

This Canadian company ships direct to the U.S. and may be producing the Lexus of fairings for the Nomad.
Premeux offers full tour paks in addition to fairings.     Check out their website here (Flash site, you've been warned.) I can vouch for the extremely high quality of these fairings.  They're also easy on/easy off with no modifications to your bike needed



fairing_radiocaddy.jpg (7098 bytes)

Radio Caddy

You might want to do a Google search for this one since it's carried by several U.S. outlets.  Among them is the Trike Shop which sells the fairing for $535 and the proper brackets for mounting to the '99-'04 Nomad for another $158.   You can see the fairing and the mounts by clicking here.


fairing_wide_open_1600.jpg (197687 bytes)

Wide Open

"Wide Open" fairings are available for the Nomad 1600 only.   Owner feedback indicates these are very good quality, the sound system is very good and the price is about as good as it gets,  $599 without stereo, $799 with (this is unpainted)

hoppe_fairing_montage.jpg (78947 bytes)


Hoppe Industries is now offering its "Quadzilla" fairing for Vulcans which includes an inner liner with space for four (yes, 4) speakers and a radio.  The fairing comes with or without radio and speakers pre-mounted (note blanks in lower right photo) and ready for your paint.  Several different windshield heights are offered.


fairing_targa.jpg (8629 bytes)


Update: Cruiser fairings discontinued.

The name is synonymous with high quality fairings.  Finding the product on the corporate website is a little dicey though so write this down.   First visit This Link .  Once there click "Kawasaki" in the 'make' box.  Then find your VN1500 Nomad on the page that pops up next and then your year.   Why the year?  You can purchase the fairing pre-painted.  Yet another dialog box will pop up asking you what product/manufacturer you're looking for.  Select "Targa" under 'manufacturer' and finally you'll be taken to the appropriate page.    Price (at this writing) is $600 unpainted, $750 painted.   At this time an inner shell is not available from Targa for the Nomad.


fairing_hd.jpg (16922 bytes)
E-Bay Or Your Local Motorcycle Salvage Outlet

Here you do your shopping and take your chances.   Assuming you're hunting for the HD fairing remember there is an inner and an outer shell.  Many riders only use the outer as it's providing the wind protection.  The inner shell provides mounting space for gauges, switches, radio etc.   Be sure and ask about damage to the fiberglass if you're not able to look at the fairing personally.   There's probably good reason it was taken off the Electra Glide.   

Mounting a Harley fairing to your Kawasaki is a simple thing thanks to Lee Sido who makes special brackets for the purpose.

Things you'll need to know (courtesy of Lee Sido)

1968-84 FLH (pan-shovel era) fiberglass, outer fairing only, mounts using four fixed bolts on the inside of the faring, those bolts go to separate brackets that attach to the forks. The windshield attaches to the bracketry, NOT the fairing. Bracketry modification is required.

1985-95 plastic, FLHT has an outer and can have an inner fairing. The outer fairing has the 4 bolt fork mounting system similar to the earlier fairing, but the windshield attaches directly to the fairing using 5 bolts. Cutting the fairing to fit maybe required. Bracketry modification is required.

96-up plastic, the inner fairing attaches to the fork mount bracketry, the outer fairng then attaches to the inner fairing. The windshield attaches to the fairing using 3 bolts. Cutting the fairing to fit maybe required. HD bracket modification is required.

For installation details for adapting a Harley Fairing to your Nomad please see this Fixit page


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