Fuel Filter Replacement - Voyager and Vaquero

Thanks to Mike Fay, posted in Vulcanforums.com 11 Dec 2019

Well I did the Fuel Filter change in the Fuel Pump - All I can say - Yuk. Not a bad job but the filter was disgusting - Even had some bugs in it.
Edit - I went back and added comments to each picture to maybe help explain the process.

This picture is to show How I propped up my tank while I did the job.
See Gas Tank Removal For F.I. Vulcans for tips on removing the tank.

Upon removing this plate and fishing the fuel pump with float there will be a small amount of fuel leakage. I did sop up about 3 paper towels.

Note this is also how it looked when I was done. The service manual suggest a star tightening pattern of the bolts at 87 in/lbs torque. (Oh and Blue Loctite)

I did not remove the rubber O-Ring - just wiped it off.

The filter is located at the bottom behind the two wire connections by mounting plate. Pay close attention as to how the wires route. They need to be disconnected and taken out to the guides to disassemble the pump.


You need to remove the little plate with the 3 screws. You will also need to fish the wires through the little black clip to remove the plate.

Once the top mounting plate is removed - the fuel pump is in two pieces and slides down on the two metal rails. You will need to do a little prying to release the top part from the bottom. There is an O-ring. I pulled it off to allow the bottom to come off.

This shows the point where I pried to get it apart.

As it came apart I realized I had to release the wires from the clip. You can see the O-ring lower left.


These two slip on electrical connectors must be removed. I took pictures to be 100% sure which one went where. Not sure what will happen if you reverse them - I really don't want to know.

This is what the fuel pump looks like after removing from the bottom housing. Note that you have to remove the two electrical connections to get the pump to lift out.

The filter all Yucky is tucked in the bottom. Pay attention to the orientation of the filter Cause the new ones gotta go back in just like this.

New one on the right. (duh) you just stuff the edges down in the housing. There is a nipple on the other side that kinda sits in place.

Filters are available at Amazon or on Ebay....

Credit for this goes out to a Bruce Shep a Service Manager out there somewhere. He discussed this in a forum somewhere on the internet. Thanks Bruce.

As stated elsewhere - this is not in any manual or on a maintenance schedule. Your dealer may or may not know this is possible.

I hope this gives some guidance to others to pick up your wrenches and get to know your motorcycle.

Here's a Youtube video that is also helpful:

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