Maintenance Schedule & Log

Please note the spreadsheet available for download from this page requires Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet program to view and operate. The design is based on the owners manual for a 2005 Nomad 1600. If you own a different year/model or even brand of bike check the items against your owners manual to see if all are the same. If not you can just change the item, change the schedule or even add your own cells.

The spreadsheet is shown below as a series of thumbnails (click them for a larger size) so you can view the way it's laid out but to actually use the spreadsheet and modify it to suit your bike and schedule download it by clicking here. After downloading the spreadsheet, load it and you'll be able to check off all maintenance as you do it, take notes and track your ownership and other data.

If you don't have Excel (or compatible) on your computer but still want to track your maintenance, check out the program "For Two Wheels Only" available here. (Ed. Note: the website for "For Two Wheels Only",, has been abandoned). It's an excellent way to track everything you do to your bike and lets you print out reports showing costs, mileage and all kinds of data related to everything from maintenance to tires to accessories.

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General Info Page
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Purchase & Sale Info
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Periodic Maintenance
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Periodic Maintenance Chassis
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Periodic Replacement
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Your Maintenance Notes

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