Muffler Alternatives For Your Nomad

Installing aftermarket HD mufflers on your Nomad

I was tired of the limited selection of exhaust available for the Nomad so I decided to explore the possibilities. I did this mod to my Nomad several years ago and many have asked what the trick was. It’s really very simple. Thought I would share it with you.

If you are currently running V&Hs Bagger Duals or other aftermarket exhaust on your Nomad you have options for your mufflers. Any exhaust system that consists of 1 3/4" head pipes allows you to easily do this mod to adapt most any aftermarket mufflers as long as they are 1 3/4" I.D. at the front connection.

 By fabricating a simple offset bracket 

like the one shown here you can open up your options for a wide range of mufflers.


What You Need

  1. Material – 1” wide flatstock steel by 1/8” thick (available at any hardware store) for the simple hangar bracket
  2. Two mufflers with 1.75" ID pipe at the front connection

Tools - No special tools required; just a drill to drill the 4 holes in the flat stock and either a bench vice or a stepped surface (cement, not bricks) where you can whack on the bar stock to make bends if needed.


Below are two examples of alternative mufflers that will bolt right up to the Vance & Hines headers. As noted above, any 1.75 inch ID muffler will work. Got a MC Salvage Yard In The Neighborhood?

Nomad with Hd "ThunderHeader Bagger Mufflers by Rich Products


Same Muffler As Left But Off Bike 
Note 'flat' Hangar Bracket Is Used For This Application.

The front two holes bolt up to the stock position mounting holes on your Nomad. As you can see the bracket is only slightly offset down but offset forward quite a bit.

Another Muffler Option
Vance & Hines Longshots With Shark Tips. As you can see the LongShot mufflers require a bracket with more downward offset due to the difference in muffler diameters. You will also notice the bracket is offset back quite a bit to accommodate the more forward mounting brackets on the mufflers.

Longshots again. 
Again the holes you see in the brackets here mount in your stock Nomad muffler mounting positions on your lower saddlebag supports.





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