No Bag Nomad: A Simple Bracket For No Bag Riding That Looks Great

Ride Your Nomad Without Bags

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Like The Bagless Look?
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Face it, the brackets that support the Nomads bags and mufflers aren't exactly 'art' even though they are extremely functional.  Sometimes you aren't touring and really don't need or even want bags on the bike but don't want to ride with all that extra tubing showing.   Les has come up with a great looking solution that anyone with access to a welder can make.  The materials can be found for about $25 at most any hardware store.

What You'll Need

How To Do It

lc_nomad_muffler_support_1.jpg (93086 bytes)Weld a 9" piece of stainless lc_nomad_muffler_support_2.jpg (91085 bytes)angle to a 14.25" length of your stainless tubing for the top attachment and a 4.25" piece of stainless at the bottom at an angle matching the shock absorber.  

When finished welding, drill holes in the appropriate places attaching the top piece of angle to the stock bag supports and the bottom to the muffler supports.   Polish the stainless to a mirror finish.

Changing between stock saddlebag brackets and your new 'solo' brackets  should take about 20 minutes when you want to ride with your Nomad bags or you can always use a set of throw over leather bags.


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