Add a Shelf To Your Nomad Bags

How many times have you thought there must be a better way to store the little things like sunglasses, gloves, cameras so they'd be right at hand when you need them? Well, here's the product. Sid (El Sid) Findley and friend George Edmonds have created this product from a textured plastic. It bolts right into your bags (right and left side are different shapes) using the stock mounting bolts. As you'll see in the following photos there is also plenty of room for even the largest quick release bolts. 

nadshelf_offbike_w_1&2in_quickreleases3.jpg (265876 bytes)
Left side shelf shown with 1" and 2" quick releases

nadshelf_offbike_w_1&2in_quickreleases.jpg (162642 bytes)
After some experimenting adding some rubber non skid shelf liner...

nadshelf_offbike_w_1&2in_quickreleases2.jpg (216983 bytes)
...was perfect to keep items from sliding around

nadshelf_closeup_2-2inch_quickreleases.jpg (260281 bytes)
Note even the largest (2") quick release knobs have clearance

nadshelf_onbike_w_1&2inch_quickreleases.jpg (932813 bytes)
You know how large a water bottle is so you see you still have loads of room in the bag for big stuff

nadshelf_closewpad.jpg (249286 bytes)Sunglasses

nadshelf_onbike_w_1&2inch_quickreleases3.jpg (249108 bytes)Gloves & Light Cameras

nadshelf_onbike_w_1&2inch_quickreleases2.jpg (210459 bytes)
All the light and small stuff that usually finds its way to the bottom of a bag goes here



Non Skid Drawer/Shelf Lining Works Great, So Would Truck Toolbox Liner


Visit Edmonds Enterprises Website Or Contact Sid For Purchase Details

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