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Various Motorcycle Oil Articles & Links

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One of the most frequent FAQs in the motorcyling universe is about oil. The debates rage between synthetics versus good old dino, motorcycle specific versus automobile oil. Below are articles that I've culled from newsgroups, mailing lists, and the web. A second source is cited when I can find one. When you're finished reading you'll either be well educated about motor oils or more confused than ever.

Oh, and for the record (because riders keep asking) Gadget uses Royal Purple synthetic lubricants in the engine and gearcase.


  • Bob Is The Oil Guy: A hugely informative web page full of oil and additive tests. Allow plenty of time to browse this one.
  • One Motorcyclists View: Backed by lots of research
  • Motorcycle Oil Vs Automotive Oil: link to V-Twin Cafe
  • Motor Oil FAQ, Part 1 by Guy Burnham
    General information on motor oil.
  • Motor Oil FAQ, Part 2 by Ed Hackett
    More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil v1.2
  • Snake Oil! by Fred Rau
    Is That Additive Really A Negative? from Aug. '92 ROAD RIDER magazine
  • Oil Marketing Bunk by Robin Chung
    Critique of MC-specific oil marketing hype and review of and comment on Motorcycle Consumer News article about motorcycle oils. Source: post to ba.motorcycles newsgroup
  • Motor Oil at a Fork in the Road by Rolland Whittle
    Review of and comment on a Gordon Jennings article. Source: post to rec.motorcycles newsgroup
  • by Nelson Quimby
    Article favoring MC-specific oils, chock full of distortions debunked in the above articles.
    Source: post to fj.rec.motorcycles newsgroup
  • Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil website

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