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This is not a Premeux Web page. It is posted only to help those who might be considering a Premeux fairing or tourpak for their Kawasaki Nomad. The posted questions are from the Delphi Vulcan Forum, answers are direct from Premeux.


Question If anyone with a camera and Premeux accessories can get pictures of theirs mounted, can you show them off? Especially the lower fairings and the fairings inner dash.
Answer See photos below
Question I have specific concerns about the lower fairings and how my 9" forwards might be affected by them. How close is the closest part of the stock floorboard/brake pedal to the lowers?
Answer We do not know if forward control could fit in the lower but I will measurethe actual pedal and give you close-up picture of the inside  of the shell. (coming soon)
Question Do risers other than stock having enough clearance with the upper fairing. I have 4x1 risers.
Answer Any kind of risers that are full back will fit good on it but if they arestraight it will interfere with the fairing.
Question What about buffeting when the stock or oversize lowers are removed. Do you get by  with just the upper and lower fairing?
Answer We drove the bike up to 90 miles an hour with only the upper fairing andthe bike was more stable than without it. We never tried it with only the lowerfairing on it.  Maybe some people did and we never received any complaint aboutit. With both fairings the bike is more stable on the road especially at highspeed.
Question Are windshield heights optional, what are the heights and where is the reference measured from (top of gauge cluster)?
Answer The standard windshield that comes with the fairing is 9" height and themeasurement from the center of the handlebar between the riser and bottom of thewindshield is 9" for a total of 18" from the handlebar. All our windshields areprecut from the factory and are Lexan anti-scratch. When you are sit on thebike, your eyes must be over the windshield.  The way to determine the proper heightis to put small 1/8" tape every 1/2" and you look directly in front of you.   When you find  which line you focus on best you cut 1/2" lower and you havethe perfect height. Any glass shop will cut your windshield for around $10.00.
Question The saddlebag fillers (see photo below)  where do they mount? Do they get in the way ofsaddlebag removal?
Answer The fillers are attached to the last bolt of the side strut and to thelower bar at the end of the fender with a clamp, It will not interfere with thesaddlebags at any time. The only time you cannot install the fillers is if youhave a bumper or a hitch.
Question Is a non stock fender required when mounting the radiator shroud?
Answer Any kind of fender will fit with the radiator shroud.

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premeux_fairing_interior.jpg (172188 bytes)
Fairing Interior
Some parts (mirrors, black windshield & radio are optional equipment

premeux_tourpak.jpg (183947 bytes)
Fairing Front w lowers & radiator shroud on '04

premeuxbagfiller.jpg (108525 bytes)
Bagfiller, left side shows filler strip, right side is stock

premeux_bagfiller.jpg (180118 bytes)
Bagfiller on both sides (see attachment description above

premeux_tourpak01.jpg (203311 bytes)
Full Tourpak on '01

premeux_tourpakgreen_w_lightbar.jpg (724142 bytes)
'99 Fairing with lightbar

premeux_tourpakmaroon.jpg (203599 bytes)
Same kit, different color

premeux_trunk.jpg (165043 bytes)
Trunk and Rack


If you have further questions or need pricing information feel free to contact Serge ( [email protected] )

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