Mini Saddle Bag Option

Add a mini-saddlebag to your Vulcan 900, Classic or Mean Streak

Ken takes mostly short rides and doesn't really need all the capacity of a standard saddle bag so he came up with this nifty solution.

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What You Need:

  • (2) standard motorcycle tool bags in your choice of style and size
  • (4) extra long metric bolts that will replace the bolts already in your fender trim piece
  • (1) bar of flat stock to prevent the bags from tilting into the wheels.
  • (4) 1-inch flat washers

The bags are basic large tool bags with a enough width to exceed the strut covers screws. All I did was remove the two strut cover screws and went to Lowe's. There I found some bar stock (4-10" sections) and replacement screws long enough to go through the bar stock, some washers and into the bike. One piece of bar stock was cut to the inner width of the bag (inner brace). Probably the inner brace is overkill. This was a first time proto type for me. Then, I cut and bent the bar stock into a "J" shape to match the contour of the bag along with keeping them from tilting inward. Then I measured the width between the 2 strut bolts and drilled through the bags, the inner support and the j outer supports (at different times). bolted everything back up and bam! It works well and they are not going anywhere.

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