Solving The "Abrupt, Grabby Clutch" Conundrum

That Suddenly Grabby Uneven Clutch

Tim noticed his clutch wasn't engaging as smoothly as it once did so went in search of the cause and a fix. He found it. The plunger on the clutch master cylinder was binding up, causing the clutch to be uneven and act 'grabby'. Here is Tim's fix. You might want to add it to your annual list of maintenance items.

First, is this your problem? How to find if you have the binding, slowly grab your clutch handle & move it in & out.....if it squeaks, ya got binding.

How to fix.

  1. Find the plunger under the clutch lever.
  2. Take a pick & carefully lift the dust seal so you don't rip it.
  3. Slide a "Red Tube" for some lithium or other mild lube under the seal. (yes, silicon spray will work)
  4. Spray and work the clutch lever until the squeaking/binding is gone and so is the grabbyness in your clutch.

Tim Duguay

Tag: clutch

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