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About the Vulcan 1500/1600/800/900 Oil Screen

This should be the first plug pulled during the Vulcan's 600 mile check but few dealers shops even seem to know about it much less use it. Owners have reported finding things in the screen ranging from bits of gasket to metal to a zip tie and even a plastic bag.


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What is it and where is it? Check the diagram below (courtesy of Kawasaki) which shows part number 16097 (bottom right in the box). That's the screen which 'pre' filters oil before it reaches the oil pump and spin on filter. It's also the best oil drain you have with the opening sitting lower than the normal oil drain plug in the center of your crankcase.

To find the plug which holds the screen in (part #11012) look on the left side of your crankcase, roughly midway between the kickstand and the oil drain plug on the bottom. On the 'side' of the crankcase is a 17mm plug. This can be removed with the bike on its kickstand or on a lift (easier) or by using the leveling method detailed on another page. Remove the plug, (check for damage to the gasket and replace if necessary) remove the spring, remove the washer (part # 92022) and carefully slide the screen out of the opening noting its orientation. The neoprene washer (part # 92071) will probably stay attached to the screen. Don't lose it. Clean the screen with solvent if you have it, degreaser if you don't. When all the oil has drained from the engine and the screen is completely dry, re-assemble in the reverse order.

After the first removal and cleaning it isn't likely you'll find anything else in the screen for a long time. Many owners use this method to drain oil every second or third time just to check the screen and make sure all is well inside the engine. Metal shavings (after the first cleaning) could be something worth mentioning to your shop.

vulcan 1500 oil sys

oil screen assembly

oil screen 1

-small">29 Screen w Spring & Washer
30 As Assembly Sits In Case
31 Plug Assembly

From Chilton's Vulcan Maintenance Book

-small">Top: A points to screen location (B = Front)
Bottom: Parts of the oil screen

From VN1500P Service Manual

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From the VN900 Custom service manual:

Note that the orientation may be different for the 800 and 900 bikes, specifically the screen may be installed with the end cap facing inward. Double-check how the screen is facing when you remove it.

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Vulcan 1600 classic the clutch is out so I have the clutch cover off , I pulled the screen out and there are a lot of clutch particles on it and still in the hole , what can I pour through it to flush the particles out.
I usually just use a little gasoline, naturally be careful and away from the water heater in your garage.... Anything that can cut oil should flush it out, including some oil, brake cleaner etc. As for getting clutch particles out of the screen hole, I'm not sure. You might need to just reach in there with your finger to get them best as you can.
I had it on the kick stand so I cleaned it out as well as I could with my finger , I have the clutch cover off so I just poured a quart of clean oil in the opening below the clutch cage . I used q-tips and seafoam to clean the clutch cage and everything that I could not wipe with a rag on the right side and changed my filter. My new clutch will be here Saturday after I get it back together I think I will run it around 100 to 150 miles and then change the oil and filter and clean the screen again just to be sure it's cleaned out good. Thanks.
My sight glass is cloudy and brown looking . I cannot see my Oil level..No matter how hard I try.Bright flashlight didn't work........... I have religiously changed my oil since new..2006 Nomad 1600 and have been using Royal Purple Synthetic for motorcycles for a few oil changes now (4 or 5).. What would be the reason for it to cloud up.. I do very few short rides.( And it does not appear to be milky) What can I do to clear the sight glass up so I can see level again clearly...
There's a FAQ item for that: My oil sight glass is fogged!
Getting the oil up to temperature seems to be the only real fix since it's double-paned glass, so it's not as if you could remove the cover and clean the backside. The easiest way should be to take it out for a longer ride to get the engine fully warmed up.