Windshield Scratch Removal

So, you've ridden a zillion miles with the same windshield and now you can't get those old pesky bugs off....Or the shield is so scratched it looks like one giant headlight coming at you after dark. Well, lets make it clear again and we're going to do it using...abrasives! Something you might be asking is "why can't we just use the same method as the Helmet Shield Scratch Removal?" Well, you could but it's a lot more difficult to get a windshield up against a buffer. If you have really deep gouges though, go for it. Use that extremely fine (1500) grit wet/dry sandpaper on the spots that polish will never sand away then follow up with the method below.

For normal cleaning you should always use plain water first to soften the dirt and bugs and a very clean rag, never ever a paper towel.

Never clean plastic or paint with anything that used to be a tree!


What you'll need

  1. Meguiars Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Polish Number 10
  2. Meguairs Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Polish Number 18
  3. Some soft rags
  4. Music you really like playing in the garage because this could take awhile


How to Do It

Assuming your shield is badly scratched you'll have to start with the #10 polish which is very abrasive. If your shield is only mildly scratched then skip to the less abrasive #18 and give it a try first. You can always come back to #10 if necessary.

Just follow the instructions on the back of the bottle and go slowly. You are actually going to be sanding out the deeper scratches with the #10 polish. Use it until you can wipe it off and not see those deep gouges any longer.

Switch to the #18 polish. This is a very fine abrasive and is good for normal maintenance. You can use it every week if you want and you'll never again have to put up with those very fine scratches that make you crazy at night.

Also for general cleaning and on the road. Your MC dealer probably has a product on the shelf called "Plexus Plastic Cleaner and Polish." Excellent stuff. This isn't a restorer but you can clean your entire bike with it and it comes in both large and small cans. One for home, the other for the road. Honda makes something similar but I've found it requires more buffing to get rid of the polish film.


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