Vulcan Wiring Diagrams

Please note these schematics were scanned as very large files to provide detail on your screen or if you decided to print them out. The images could take quite awhile to load if you are using a dial up connection. Due to the detail you'll have to scan back and forth a bit if you're viewing at 600x800

To print the diagrams you should set your printer preferences as "Scale to Fit" or whatever similar setting your printer offers. If you're planning serious electrical work and have a bike other than the models listed below please purchase a proper manual.

Wiring Diagrams for the Vulcan Classic are probably identical but test connections to be certain before hooking things up or making any modifications.

  • Nomad FI L-1 Page 1 Page 2
  • Nomad FI L-2 Page 1 Page 2
    • Page 1 is known to be a duplicate of the L-1 Page 1. This may or not be correct
    • L-3 Owners Use The L-2 Schematic. (There may be minor differences so test before making any mods)
  • 1600 Classic (PDF) Nomad should be the same

Mean Streak VN1500 Diagrams (PDF format)

Most likely the same for the 1600 Mean Streak and Suzuki Marauder. From the VN1500P1 Service Manual.

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im looking to use this diagram to make a custom ignition set up for my meanstreak. Can anyone vouch if these are credible wiring diagrams? and possibly some further info on how to go about my cluster build.
The Mean Streak diagrams in particular were printed from the service manual. You'll probably want to get a copy of that as there's a section in chapter 16 (Electrical) that goes over the ignition system, as well as variious other diagrams showing the routing of wires.