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How often have you wanted to mount something small like a clock, a thermometer, a compass or even something slightly more weighty like a radar detector, satellite radio receiver or small GPS to your handlebars but just couldn't come up with a simple mount?

If the answer is at least "once" this may be exactly what you were looking for.

What You'll Need

Cateye Mount Kit
1 - Cateye #533-8598 Bracket & Spacer Set  available from many bicycle shops or online from BikePartsPlace.


How To Do It

The Cateye clamp will mount to any size handlebar from 7/8" or 1" motorcycle handlebar thanks to rubber spacers provided with the product. I have no clue how much weight this clamp would actually support but it is made of a high impact plastic and appears fairly sturdy. I wouldn't trust it to hold a large GPS but for something like the Garmin I-Que or Quest series it should be fine.

All you have to do is mount the clamp portion of the Cateye on your handlebar making sure the 'platform' portion will slide onto the clamp from the top (providing a much stronger support), then attach the "platform" portion to whatever you'll be mounting. There is a hole provided in the platform for a screw but if the item is small and light you could get away with using glue.

Slide the two parts of the Cateye clamp together, make sure the platform latched by trying to lift it off the clamp.

The platform portion has a release lever that, when pushed, allows you to remove your gizmo and stash it safely in a pocket or saddlebag, leaving only the clamp portion on your handlebar.

Go Ride!

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