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As you may have guessed, the addition of trunks is a very popular modification for the Nomad. They come in all shapes, all sizes and a wide array of prices. One major caveat: Always use a proper rack constructed for the use of a trunk and not a standard tail rack which will not safely support the weight of cargo plus someone leaning back against the trunk.

There are at least two major vendors of trunk racks. Wompus and Scootworks (click their names to see the appropriate web pages). Wompus makes racks for both the 1500 and 1600 Nomad.

From Lance Kruger: 

I added a trunk to my 1500 - Custom made stainless steel bracket, Not perfect but rock solid. Wife loves it. I am hopefully painting the whole bike this winter so everything will eventually match. Still need to hook up the lights & do something with the Honda badge. Just thought I'd share.



lk trunk bracket1 lk trunk bracket2 lk trunk bracket3
lk trunk bracket4 lk trunk bracket5 lk trunk bracket6


On a side note it really knocked down the sound from the Vance & Hines for the driver and passenger - It was borderline annoying before and it is a LOT better now, I can actually converse with the passenger now.

As for trunks, it's all open to your imagination. As you'll see in the following photos you can scrounge around motorcycle salvage yards or buy online. There are numerous vendors selling brand new products of varying qualities and with varying features. Do you need gas struts to hold the lid open? Do you want a pad for your pillion to lean against? How about lighting or provision for radio speakers? Here are some photos to get you started. After that... well, go shopping!!




nomad_w_trunk_ls_garage.jpg (66875 bytes)


Gadget's Nomad with '84 Venture Trunk mounted on Scootworks Rack. "Nomad" scripting is from a '56 Chevy Nomad Station Wagon, Vulcan badge on trunk is from a Kawasaki backrest. Note helmet locks have been relocated to rear of rack and 12" LED light strip fits between the locks. Clear turn signal lenses are from Radiantz with amber bulbs. LED brake lights are inside turn signal housings from Electrical Connection. Together they make for one heck of a lighting display at night:

And that isn't even with the brakes applied!


Late Model Yamaha Venture Trunk

Champion Sidecars "Patriot" model with mounting bracket from Champion Sidecars

Harley Tourpak

Honda Valkeryie Interstate

premeux_trunk1.jpg (71303 bytes)premeux_trunk2.jpg (102230 bytes)
Premeux (company also provides Nomad fairings. See complete packages here

Harley Tourpak

Diablo (new aftermarket)

Harley Tourpak

Early Yamaha Venture

Givi (new aftermarket)

Tourpak? (sold complete with rack from Scootworks)

Kawasaki Voyager

Aftermarket Suppliers

Be careful when purchasing trunks online (such as E-Bay). Most do not come with hardware (locks, latches, keys) which can be very expensive if you have to go to a dealer for them. Often the hardware will exceed the price you paid for the used trunk.


Add a Pouch

There's nothing better than having plenty of storage...even if it's more storage inside the storage. 


trunk_pouch2.jpg (54587 bytes)
Using Velcro you can attach an auto visor organizer in the lid

trunk_pouch1.jpg (51923 bytes)
It will hold all kinds of small items you'd otherwise have rolling around in bags or trunk

trunk_pouch_label.jpg (29372 bytes)
This is the one shown (from Pep Boys) but there are dozens of styles.


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