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So in dealing with my Mortons I've had chronic exhaust leaks due to the small flanges. Its been driving me nuts but I finally figured it out. I bought two of the Harley Davidson exhaust gasket part # 17048-98 that people have posted about. With the thin flanges the one wasn't cutting it and it was a complete pain in lining it up and keeping in place as it was bolted down. I tried silicone to hold it on place but it always shifted during tightening. So on to the fix.

You'll need 2 sets of the gaskets to do this so it'll now cost 15 bucks instead of 7.50 for a single set or 18 for the original kawasaki ones. I used wire cutters to cut one of the gaskets and trim about 3/8" from one. This allowed one to fit inside of the other and seal perfectly. The two gaskets now fit into the flange area tightly and are no obstruction to the exhaust port, they match up exactly. This means when I bolt the exhaust on I can shift it around all I need with no worries of alignment. I used a dab of high temp silicone to keep it in place and wound up with the following.

I hope this helps some people avoid the frustration I've been dealing with for 2 months.

Harley Exhaust Gaskets


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Stick a washer, or 2 behind the domed nuts.. They bottom out too soon, and over time need a bit of help.