Change The Look of Your Nomad or Classic FI Seat

Thanks for this one to Harry Brown

Cool eh??


It is pretty well agreed the Nomad and Classic FI seat is one of the best original equipment butt rests around. But they're so plain! Well, there's no need to spend $400 on a custom seat just to get some studs, conchos and fringe. Check out Harry's way.

Here's what Harry did.....

Found the center of the seat at the back. Pushed my first stud in there. Then began working from each side of that first stud across and down the seat. You can push these in very easily. I measured the distance between each stud each time. After all were in place I removed the seat. The cover is just stapled on so I removed enough staples to get at the little 'tangs'. At the suggestion of the supplier I placed a washer over the 'tangs' and bent them flat against the washer and seat cover. This will prevent the studs from 'pulling through the material' . Got them all pressed into place and re-stapled the cover back onto the pan. I stretched the cover a little more and it made the seat a little firmer. Result.... a little dressier stock seat.

Stud suppliers seem to be a constantly moving target but an Internet search will usually turn one up or check your yellow pages for local upholsterers and fabric shops.


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