Crash Bar Anti Scratch

Anti Scratch for your Engine & Bag Protector Bars

By Gadget

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So, you're going to go out and practice your U-turns and cone weaves and other essentials but you know there's a chance the bike is going to fall over. It's part of the learning experience. The good news is with the Nomad's engine and bag protector bars in place there's pretty good protection for the bike. But what about those bars? Even a no speed layover could put scratches in them when you pick the bike back up.

Not a problem. It's a little hard to photograph but all you need is a stick (they're sold in 6 foot lengths) of pipe insulation foam. Get the one inch inside diameter stuff. It's close enough to the 1.25" crash bars that you won't have any difficulty.

With an ordinary pair of scissors cut off an appropriate length of foam and slip it over your crash bars..


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and Rear:
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You might have to cut some relief's if you have things connected to the bars. Use zip ties or good old duct tape to hold your new foam padding in place.

This won't protect the bars in a high speed laydown but for an ordinary weekend parking lot practice it's pretty nifty protection for about a buck and a half.

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