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Most riders are aware one major danger of riding is....enjoying it too much.

We get caught up in the ride putting on mile after mile and suddenly, sometimes without even realizing what's happening, we start losing concentration. It isn't necessarily from too many miles in the saddle it's dehydration rearing its ugly head.

Perhaps you've looked at commercially available cup holders but thought 50 dollars and more was a bit more than you could justify spending on something so, well, ordinary.

Jax's Idea:

The first idea (shown above) is from Jax, who is always coming up with something creative has come up with a very inexpensive solution. Make your own!


What You'll Need

  • 1- Chrome Drink Holder from the bicycle department at Wal-Mart or any local bike store. Cost about $3. Also check Amazon.
  • 2- Chrome 6 mm X 30 mm Socket Head Bolts (Cost $2.25 each but much less if you are happy with stainless steel)
  • 2- 1/4 inch Nylon Spacers (about 60 cents)



Remove the two bolts holding your mirror/clutch reservoir to the bike. Use the front (clamp) portion to determine where a hole must be drilled in the drink holder bracket which will be nearly dead center (see photo above). Using your new bolts and spacers attach your new dink holder as shown.

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The spacers provide clearance between the drink holder and bracket. So, for under $10 you have a good looking accessory that could end up saving your life. They just don't get a lot more functional than that.


Thanks Jax!



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Ron Haidenger's Idea

Like Jax, Ron is one of those people who can look at a product sold for one purpose and his mind adapts it to another. So it is with an item that can be found in nearly any department, auto supply or electronics store, even E-Bay. It's the Case Logic "automotive catchall". The product is marketed to hold anything from cell phones to trash. Ron thought it would make a mighty nice drink holder on his bike. The product is covered in soft Neoprene so won't scratch your chrome or paint. It just happens to be the right size for a typical bottle of water or soda can.


What You'll Need

  • Case Logic ANC-5 'stuff' holder if you can find it. (Note: This seems to be discontinued. I suspect that any neoprene can cozy would work similarly. Most likely you have a few from giveaways.)
  • Zip Ties in your choice of color


How To Do It

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Punch a couple of holes through the neoprene with your choice of sharp pointy object, feed a couple of tie-wraps through and tighten then down to your handlebars in a convenient spot. You could also attach one to your Nomad's dresser bars for passenger use or, if you don't like the looks and convenience of having the holder on your handlebars, how about your engine protector bar?

Fits all models of Vulcans!

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