Detail Your Errant Wiring

The Magic Is In The Detail

Thanks to John Arsenault

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For just a little effort and very little money, you can tidy up the look of your bike with a bit of electrical wire loom.

The wiring loom (accordion pipe looking slit tube) is dirt cheap at NAPA and other auto parts stores, and of course Amazon. This comes in all sorts of diameters, to dress the simplest single wire to the bundle that exits the engine cases rear uppers routing to between the side covers. Or how about those wires by the downtube near the horn. Or maybe even an unsightly mechanical connection like a short hose.

A bit of imagination (and hopefully good taste!) is all the limit. Don’t forget, these are plastic so be mindful of close high heat proximity situations. Although they will tolerate some heat, they will droop if too close to high heat.

Gadget note: Another type of wire loom is the braided PET loom. This self-closing wire loom addes a bit more style to visible wiring. Here it's wrapping my stock control loom along with wiring for my turn signal mirrors.

Have some fun with this high impact, low budget upfit!

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