Dress Up Your Shift Pegs With Aftermarket Parts

This one is just dress up, pure and simple but you aren't likely to find an easier project that adds so much luster.

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Kuryakyn Front & Rear Shift Pedals

Kuryakyn Front & Rear Shift Pedals


The front pad is Kuryakyn part # 8851 "Vulcan Shifter". The rear pad is Kuryakyn ISO Brake (yes, brake) Pedal Pad part # 8029.


Front Pad:

  1. Cut off the stock pad (razor or knife)
  2. Wrap metal peg of shifter with several wraps of Duct Tape (or double sided tape using mineral spirits to soften the glue for the surface that will contact the inside of the new pad to soften the glue)
  3. Push new pad onto lever and tighten set screw

Or, skip the tape, skip the mineral spirits, skip the set screw too! Test fit the part first to make sure all is well and determine orientation then remove. Now, Place a few drops of 3M "gel type" super glue on the outside of the peg and slide your new cover on. The cover will spread the glue as it goes on. Within minutes you will have a tight, no spin, fit.

Rear Pad:

  1. Remove rear shift lever (loosen 10 mm bolt, remove bolt and slide lever off post)
  2. Remove old pad by unscrewing Phillips screw on bottom and prying off pad
  3. Place new pad on pedal and mark for drilling. You will use the supplied bolt and the hole doesn't line up with the small hole already in the lever.
  4. Drill your new hole
  5. Test fit new pad tightening down bolt. Everything aligned ok? Go to 6. If not you may have to fiddle with the hole you just drilled.
  6. Place double sided tape on lever plate and place new pad lightly in place
  7. Insert supplied bolt, spin on nut. Now, with everything aligned press down to set tape.
  8. Tighten supplied bolt and nut
  9. Replace lever on shaft and tighten 10 mm bolt

Take a ride and test your changes. You might find your front lever now hits the toe of your boot (the Kuryakyn pad is larger than stock). If this bothers you simply remove the rear shift lever, carefully pull off the front lever and move it up a single notch on the shaft. Sit on your bike and put your foot under the lever. Better? If not, move it up another notch but beware. Move it too much and you'll discover you have to lift your foot for downshifts. When the adjustment is where you want it tighten the bolt and re-install the rear lever.

Go ride!

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