Great Gifts

Most under $50 that riders will love!

I make no guarantees that the below are terrific vendors, only that they offer what appear to be quality items for a reasonable price. Many if not all of these items are probably available through your local dealers. Shop around for best pricing, the links are only examples.

Wall calendar $14

Proficient Motorcycling: The ultimate book for riders

Helmet Ears: Have some fun while you're riding. Attach ears (or horns) to your helmet, $12

Heated Grip Kit: Aerostitch offers two models, one wraps 'over' your grips ($45) and acts sort of like a miniature electric blanket. The other mounts directly to the bars 'under' your grips ($27). Both provide lots of heat. You'll have to type "warm wrap grips" or "heated grip kit" into the Aerostitch search box to see the products.

BackAlign: It looks like a lifting belt but it's designed for motorcyclists to provide back support and encourage proper posture on long rides.

Helmet Fresh: When your helmet smells like a gym locker.

Boosteroo compact audio amplifier: Boosts volume of your portable mp3, disc players and radios.

Remove Before Flight ribbon: perfect reminder to remove your disk brake lock before trying to move.

Throttle Rocker: give your right wrist a break, $10

Helmet Holder: lock solutions $5 to $54

K&N Stock Replacement Air Filter: $54 Nomad & Classic Part #KA-1596

T-Bag top rolls & rain liners: <>$25

Emergency Tire Inflator: (C02 type)

Hydration System: for those long hot summer rides

Formotion Scooter Clocks & Thermometers: Mount on windshields or wherever.

CruzTools: Pocket Tool Set For Metric Bikes

Universal Vista Cruise: Throttle Lock

Back Off: Brake Light Flasher & Other Lighting Accessories..

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