Helmet Lock Relocation for your Nomad

Kawasaki very nicely provided two helmet locks for the Nomad, one on each bag protector bar. The problem is actually using them! On the "up" or right side of the bike the helmet tends to lay square on a hot header pipe. On the "down" or left side of the bike the helmet hits the ground. And neither side is particularly easy to reach. So let's move em!

There are four very simple options below. The first option re-locates the locks to your license plate frame, the second needs a Fire & Steel passenger backrest. The third is the simplest of all and the fourth... well, why didn't the factory think of that?

Method one:

What You Need:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • (2) Screw head bolts long enough to reach through the lock and your license plate frame
  • Lock-Tite or locking nuts to keep the assembly from falling off your bike

Let's Do It!

Open (unlock) your helmet locks and you'll see they are held on by a simple screw. Back the screw out (it has a little Locktite on it so may take a some effort) and the lock falls into your hand.

At the back of your bike, remove the bottom bolts holding your license plate frame on and replace them with the lock and new longer screw head type bolts you found in that "bucket o' bolts" you keep under the workbench.

Done? Give it a try! You'll find the helmet lays over the tail light and turn signals very nicely.


Method Two:

Here's an idea from Bob Montgomery for those who have the F&S passenger backrest. Bob used the existing screws from the backrest assembly to attach the locks.

Method three

Contributed by Douglas (Tiny) Richards. This will work with any Nomad, Classic 1500.

All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and one of your helmet locks (see removal instructions under 'method one&#39Wink. Look under the right side switchbox and you'll see a screw right between the throttle cables. Remove the screw, open your lock, put the screw through the hole and replace the screw where it came from. Voila! Instant helmet lock relo and you didn't even have to rummage around for a new bolt.


helmet_barrelo_bottom.jpg (48890 bytes)

Orientation: Photo taken from beneath right side switch box. Bottom of photo is toward rear of bike. Note the helmet lock is open and key is in the slot (right lower corner)

helmet_barrelo_hlmthang.jpg (40701 bytes)

Lock relocated and helmet strap rings captured by lock

helmet_barrelowhelmet.jpg (124889 bytes)

Helmet hanging from lock. Note if bars are turned left as they're supposed to be when parked your helmet will be far from the tank



helmet_barrelo_dougs.jpg (59638 bytes)

This is Doug's setup. He made it work with a Flip-a-Lever throttle lock (left of helmet lock) Gadget had a little problem with too many parts colliding with each other. If have this brand throttle lock and can make it work then grrrreat!


Method Four from Jim Anderson

ja_helmetlockrelo1.jpg (39374 bytes)
ja_helmetlockrelo2.jpg (40115 bytes)

What I did was using the left side helmet lock, I marked where I needed to drill the appropriate size holes (5/32 drill bit for the small hole, 13/64 drill bit for the large one) onto the bracket. After center punching the marks, I drilled the holes and the lock fit right in. I used a longer screw (same diameter and thread pitch as the factory screw but approximately 1/4" longer) so I could use a washer and nut to secure the lock to the bracket. A little dab of locktight and that was it. Looks like it came from the factory that way. Do the left side of the bike the same way.


Method Five John Tobias

jt_helmet_relo.jpg (75085 bytes)
You're going to feel one of those "Doh!" moments coming on. John relocated his helmet locks to the front of the bike using the stock lowers bolts. John says the lock holds the helmet securely (one on each side if you wish) and lets you hang the helmet on your turn signals.

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