Helmet Shield Scratch Removal

By Gadget

So, you dropped your helmet and, of course it landed smack on the formerly clear plastic face shield. Or, maybe you just have a lot of miles on that shield and the combination of bugs, dirt and old towels kept in your bags for cleaning have taken their toll. Well, fear not. We're about to make that old scratched shield look like new and we're going to do it using...abrasives!

Caution, this will "not" work on metallic style shields.


What you'll need

  1. 1500 Grit Wet Sandpaper (for deep scratches)
  2. Medium Buffing Wheel (or Dremel Buffing Wheel)
  3. PBC Grit Buffing Compound (the PBC will be marked on the packaging)
  4. Patience. This is going to take awhile. If you hurry you're going to mess it up.

First, remove the shield from your helmet. Now clean it. You don't want any dirt being ground in while we do our thing.

Once clean take your 1500 grit sandpaper and, under running water (to wash away extra grit) sand any scratches deep enough to feel with your fingernail. Sand lightly until all you have left are the fine scratches left by the sandpaper. (If you don't have any deep scratches you can skip this step.)

Now dry the shield and head for your buffing wheel. As indicated above, this "can" be done with the small buffing wheel of a Dremel tool but, having tried it I highly recommend using a regular size wheel, usually 6", bolted to a bench grinder.

Apply "PBC" (it's extremely fine) compound, available at any hardware store in stick form, to your buffing wheel. Now begin polishing the spots you've sanded on the shield.

Caution: Watch out for edges! If the buffing wheel catches one it "will" remove the shield from your hands. It "will" slam the shield into the motor and then to the ground and it "will" create additional scratches which you'll then have to sand out. Please trust me on this one (aargh).

After polishing until the shield is scratch free with the wheel, use a soft cloth (diapers work great) and some non grit automotive type polish for a final buffing. This stuff usually says "Safe for clearcoat" on the bottle.

You're finished! Now take the $40 you just saved not having to purchase a new face shield and take your S.O. out for a nice dinner.

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