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Thanks to Bob (Sunny) Cooper for the photo

Almost everyone who has ever mounted highway pegs on their bike has had this problem at one time or another.  The darn clamps just won't stay put no matter how tight you cinch down the bolts.    Well the fix is so simple that only one picture is needed (above) on this entire page but before you start drilling holes, a caution.   Make sure your pegs are precisely where you want them before doing this.


What you'll need

  • Your choice of highway pegs
  • Your choice of clamps.
    Be certain you get the correct size. Example the 'engine protector' bar on a Nomad is 1.25 inches. You can buy a 1.35 inch clamp that will only make you miserable trying to get it tight. So, measure your bars or frame (wherever you'll be mounting the clamp) before buying.
    What do you do if you don't know the measurement and you don't have a caliper to measure the bar? You do a little math. You'll remember this from grammar school. Using a piece of paper, measure the circumference of the tube. Write that measurement down and divide by 3.14 (pi) to get your diameter aka clamp size.
  • 1- bolt 1/4" or less diameter and whatever length is needed to penetrate both your clamp and the bar.
  • 1- Tap the same size/thread as your bolt
  • Blue Locktite or other nut/bolt keeper


How to do it

  1. Mount your highway pegs about where you think you'll want them with the clamps just tight enough to hold the clamps in place. If you can, set your bike up with the kickstand on a 2x4 or something suitable get your bike as level as practical. Strike your best 'I'm sooo cool' riding pose and put your feet on the pegs. One or the other or maybe both will feel wrong so move it or them around until they're fairly comfortable. You'll discover it helps to have a friend doing the moving while you're doing the posing.
  2. Tighten the clamps and go for a ride, a nice long ride carrying your clamp wrench and be prepared to stop for more adjustments.
  3. When you finally have your pegs exactly where you want them, drill a hole slightly smaller than your bolt through both the clamp and bar. Note: I know you know this but color me anal... be sure you center punch the clamp before trying to drill. Otherwise you'll leave neat little drill tracks all over the clamp.
  4. Tap the hole for the appropriate thread for your bolt (or if you only have one tap in your entire tool box then go get a bolt that size). No tap? Check with a neighbor. Someone will have a set from their old hot rod days.
  5. Test fit your bolt. If it goes in and out of the hole smoothly put a drop of blue Locktite on it and tighten it down. Now the bolt won't loosen on its own and, unless you apply enough foot pressure to shear the bolt off your pegs aren't going anywhere.


Gadget Update:If your peg is swiveling in the bracket, or if you use the Z-shaped peg mounts, check out Nord-Lock Washers in the "What Works" section to keep them where you put them.

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