Hold-It Red Tube Anti Escape

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Note, it looks like the website is down. You can pick these up on Amazon, from some sellers. Using other items, like rubber bands and plastic trash bag ties, you can probably come up with something creative and functional.

You are about to have one of those "DOH!!" moments, mainly because you didn't think of this.

How many times have you used a spray can of cleaner or lubricant ranging from WD-40 to brake cleaner and watched as the red tube made like a rocket, departing the can for who knows where? Worse, have you ever sprayed lubricant into an engine cylinder while prepping the engine for an 'off season' hibernation (snowmobiles, chain saws, leaf blowers, snow blowers, motorcycles etc) and had the red tube squirt into the cylinder? Now that is big trouble.

To the rescue, Hold-It, a simple device that goes around the top of a spray can like a rubber band and at the other end, a small ball with an even smaller hole which fits tightly around the red tube.

No more lost tubes, no more trying to find the red tube when it's flown off the nozzle.hold_itmc.jpg (128626 bytes)

You might be able to find this product at a local hardware store but order online. Get the package of a dozen (about $5) and give the extra's to friends. The shipping is the same for two dozen if you have lots of friends, family, club members.

Think you don't have enough spray cans? At left is my little collection of lubricants, moisture disbursers and cleansers.

This product WORKS!

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