Nearly Free Rumble from a Honda Exhaust Extension

Are you looking for a little bit of rumble from your stock Nomad exhaust but don't want to ruin your stock exhaust and don't have the bucks for a bypass or aftermarket system? Then you're in luck because Vernon Appenzeller has discovered the cure for the 'vacuum cleaner' exhaust blues and it just might cost you zero, nada, nothin'.

Before getting his Nomad Vernon was a Valkyrie rider and says nearly every owner of one quickly discards the exhaust system or at least the tips....and that's the part you want. Stock extensions can be found in garages all around the world and maybe under workbenches at Honda dealerships. With any luck you'll find a set free or for cost of shipping (check E-Bay).

Vernon happened to have a set lying around from his Valk riding days and decided to try a little experiment. He discovered the Valk tips fight rather nicekly and tightly over the stock Nomad mufflers.


What You'll Need

Valkrie Tips
1- Set of Honda Valkyrie exhaust tips


How To Do It

  1. Remove your Nomad saddlebags
  2. Push the Valk exhaust tips onto your stock mufflers as far as they'll go
  3. Drill a hole in the tip (where you can get a screwdriver on a screw but where it can't be seen with your bags in place) if necessary.
  4. Add a standard sheet metal screw to hold the tip securely on your muffler.


Vernon calls this "fallin' off the log easy". The project will give you a 5.5 inch extension from under the bags as you can see in the photos along with what he calls a "Harleyesque tone to the stock pipes... rumbling at low reves and barking at high".

The really cool thing about this mod is if you don't like the result you can take out the screw, slip off the tips and you're out nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Go ride!

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