Lay Down That License Plate

Instructions by El Sid

Now this is a highly technical operation here so pay very close attention. Remove the license plate fender mount bracket from the fender and the license holder. Place it on your shelf for safe keeping. Find a piece of 1/4" thick rubber mat (an old mouse pad will work great says Michael "Doc" Parker VROC #6200) and cut it in a rectangular shape to fit just outside the mounting holes in the fender. Drill two matching holes in the license backing plate the same as the fender, (you can use your original bracket for a template). Drill two holes through the rubber piece that line up and sandwich the rubber piece between the license plate backing plate and the fender. Bolt it on the fender. Really very simple. From simple minds like mine come simple solutions. LOL.

You now have your license plate laid down for just pennies. I had some rubber mat laying around the garage. You might have to replace the original bolts with some longer ones depending on what thickness rubber you use. Don't overtighten the bolts on assembly.

El Sid

Gadget Note: Another method is to purchase a lay down bracket. Cost (for the Custom Chrome part) is around $30. As you can see, Sid's method is a whole lot less expensive and certainly as effective.

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