Nomad 1600 Cruise Control Installation

(Side Backing Plate Modifications)

Thanks for the photos and text to Jim Kelley


Gadget Note:

Installation of the Audiovox Cruise Control on the Vulcan 1600 Nomad & Classic is exactly the same as for the 1500 with the exception of the vacuum source (noted on the main instruction page) and surgery on the bike's side cover which allows you to hide the servo, electronics and vacuum reservoir under the cover. Jim Kelley was good enough to share his photos of that surgery so they can be followed by any 1600 owner. His pictures and notes follow:


jkcc1600_image001.jpg (153096 bytes)
Photo #1

Side backing plate with toolbox still installed. Toolbox is molded into the rest of the backing plate. This will have to be cut away with a Dremel tool or other device.

jkcc1600_image003.jpg (209094 bytes)
Photo #2

This photo is of the backing plate with the toolbox removed. If using a Dremel tool remember to use a low speed, as the higher speeds tend to melt the plastic. Once the toolbox is removed use a sanding disc or sandpaper to smooth any rough edges.

jkcc1600_image005.jpg (209297 bytes)
Photo #3

Photo of the backing plate with toolbox removed. You will notice the right and left of plate the inset of the plate. This will present some challenges in mounting the vacuum canister and servomotor. Not to fear, it can be done.

jkcc1600_image007.jpg (360612 bytes)
Photo #4

Photo #4 shows the entire unit installed. This is mounted similar to Gadget's instructions. Word of caution here. The bottom of the side cover is different than on earlier models and tends to be closer to the backing plate.

I had to take the bottom portion off the side cover, 4 screws, so I could see what was hitting. I had to shift the vacuum canister and servomotor up to keep from hitting.

Also, I put one washer behind the bracket where the side cover locks. This brought out the side cover enough to keep it from hitting the servo motor.

Wires hanging out the bottom are for the TFI. I placed a piece of Velcro in the bottom and laid the TFI there. Fit nicely.

jkcc1600_image009.jpg (226918 bytes)
Photo #5

This picture shows how I installed the cable. I used the parts from the kit.

Other notes: I knew from reading the instructions that I would be making most of my electrical connections in the headlight bucket. I used electrical tape and before installing the wiring I wrapped up the entire harness. As I was wrapping with tape I left the purple and black wire sticking out at the area of the battery, as this is where I grounded the servo and connected purple wire to the brake light. I continued wrapping and when I got the area of the blue wire that hooks to the coil I left this out of the harness.

I did similar with the switch wires. Doing this made is so I had a nice neat harness all the way to the headlight bucket and only needed to tie up with ty wraps. Any excess was cut inside the bucket. Made the tidying up of the wires much easier. I grounded the black wire from the switch to the bolt inside the headlight bucket.

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