Passenger Floorboard Options For 1600 Nomad

Thanks to Brian Kirkham, David Parsons and Bob Nafzinger

bk_1600_floorboard_mounted.jpg (102381 bytes)
Brian's Close Coupled
1600_floorboardmod_parsons2.jpg (71116 bytes)
David's Stretch
bn_floorboard_bracket.jpg (163980 bytes)
Bob's Bracket


For some pillions the OEM placement of the Nomad floorboards is a little too close and for some a little too far away. It seems like those who consider the placement juuuuuust right are in the minority. Take a look at the photos above noting the relationship to the dresser bar then look at a stock floorboardFloorboard Mod Parsons

What we have on this page is two solutions to the long/short problem.

David's Solution

First from David Parsons, a super simple bolt on set of brackets that will provide a little bit of an angle and some stretch for the long legged passengers, the second from Brian Kirkham shortens the reach to the floorboard with a similar bracket you can make yourself.

David's Brackets available for $65 Contact him here

1600 Nomad Rear Foot Rest Relocation Kit. Increase your passengers comfort. They will really appreciate the added leg room and comfort.

1600_floorboardmod_parsons_bracket.jpg (29194 bytes)

Brackets are made of high grade polished aircraft aluminum. You can have them chromed or powder coated if you wish. Kit comes complete with 2 aircraft grade polished aluminum relocation brackets, 2 socket head bolts, 4 stainless steel washers and 2 self locking stainless steel nuts.

1600_floorboardmod_parsons_bracketinstalled.jpg (91327 bytes)

Relocation Kit installed. Original bolt and stainless washer go in top hole. Long bolt (included in kit) goes in middle hole. Original bolt goes in bottom hole with stainless washer and self locking stainless nut on back-side.

1600_floorboardmod_parsons1.jpg (66840 bytes)

Photo at right shows the original foot position. Rear of boot is positioned even with the back edge of the foot rest for comparison. Notice back of boot almost touches "crash bar" and foot is flat with ground.

1600_floorboardmod_parsons2.jpg (71116 bytes)Left, new foot position! Rear of boot is positioned even with the back edge of the foot rest for comparison. Notice back of boot is now away from "crash bar". Foot is moved down and toe angled up for better comfort. Passenger can now "push" themselves back on seat more easily and brace themselves during hard braking.

The brackets allow the footrest to be folded as normal for riding without a passenger or moving the bike around.


Brian's Mod

Brian's beautiful bracket does the opposite, bringing the boards closer to the pillion.

bk_1600_floorboard_bracket_drawing.jpg (170946 bytes)Brian isn't offering this bracket commercially (yet) but has been kind enough to provide a drawing so you can make your own. Each of the large squares in the drawing equals one inch.

bk_1600_floorboard2.jpg (70636 bytes)bk_1600_floorboard1.jpg (70110 bytes)Use your choice of materials, aluminum is easy to work with to produce a bracket that looks like thisUse your OEM floorboard bracket and frame as a template for drilling the holes.

When the bracket is finished you'll have an assembly that looks like this bk_1600_floorboard5.jpg (63016 bytes)bk_1600_floorboard3.jpg (61972 bytes) and attaches to the Nomad like this bk_1600_floorboard_mounted.jpg (102381 bytes) and your pillion will show her appreciation like... uh... oops, can't show that one on a family type website but you get the idea... Just remember if your pillion is happy, YOU will be happy.

Bob's Solution

Bob says he looked at the mods above but his pillion didn't need the floorboard raised bn_floorboard_bracket.jpg (163980 bytes)or lowered, she wanted a different angle. The solution, another bracket (see drawing at right, click on the thumbnail for larger image).

With Bob's bracket the top bolt pivots, the bottom bolt is a new one.

Thanks to these riders for deciding not to wait for Kawasaki or the aftermarket to fix this very common problem.

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