Drifter Rear Wheel Removal

Thanks to Tabasco Stan

  1. Lay out a towel/cloth to set fender on and protect.
  2. With bike on jack and raised(back tire/wheel just off ground), remove entire rear fender.
  3. Unplug wire harness left side just to front of left shock after you remove screw/cover. There's a 8mm bolt just above and over. Same bolt opposite side of fender.
  4. Remove the 4 (12mm) bolts holding fender bracket to rear housing (left) and swing arm rear (right). Hold it because it will tip back and bang! It's not real heavy but you do need to support it.
  5. When removed set on towel/cloth you have ready.
  6. Release pressure from brake caliper (push/pull on caliper) remove brake caliper and hang it by wire (coat hangers work great) so it's not dangling from hose. Do not touch or let anyone touch brake pedal.
  7. Remove the brake caliper bracket bolt that goes through swingarm. Place a towel/cloth on floor beneath brake area.
  8. Remove cotter key from axle nut.
  9. Remove axle while holding axle on the left side with wrench. You can use a large crescent on the axle nut so you don't have to remove exhaust/muffler.
  10. As you loosen, slide axle to the left till nut clears muffler.
  11. Now when you can slide the axle out. Support the tire/wheel as it is heavy. Caution: As the axle slides out of the brake caliper bracket the spacer could fall and hit towel (which is why you put the towel there see? It prevents too much marring.
  12. Now you have room to slide tire/wheel assembly over to right and disengage from the gearcase. Caution: There is a spacer in the center of the gearcase that sometimes falls out and sometimes stays in (most of time). Just make sure it goes back the same.
  13. When you're ready for the re-install, grease the drive splines with good quality axle grease.
  14. Re-install everything in the reverse order you took it apart.
  15. Re- torque rear axle from the left side and hold axle nut (right side) with same large crescent you used to loosen the nut and install a new cotter pin. Doing it this way saves you having to remove the muffler.


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