Remove Your Nomad Windshield (almost) Instantly

When the weather warms up some Nomad riders enjoy popping the windshield off. Removing four bolts isn't much of a chore but what if it could be made easier... almost instant? That's what Randy did with a simple hacksaw (and a little after cut tidying up with a Dremel tool. This is also handy when it's time to give the bike a bath.

This is a zero cost project. You need absolutely nothing except a few minutes and a good look at these photos. Oh yeah, you might want to read the instructions below too.

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ws_bracketcut3.jpg (102312 bytes)

ws_bracketcut1.jpg (67999 bytes)


Randy's instructions:

Cut the bottom slots about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the stock windshield bracket and the upper slot just about the center of the upper adjusting area. This method gives you full vertical adjustment of the windshield.

Cut the slots just slightly larger than the stock bolt using your hacksaw then (your option) round and smooth the edges with a metal file or Dremel tool.

To use just slide the two lower slots over the bottom bolts, slide the shield down about 1/2 inch and slide the bolts into the upper slots. Tighten all four bolts at your chosen height for the windshield.

For removal just loosen the four bolts slightly, pop off the windshield and re-tighten the bolts to prevent losing them while riding.

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