Road Glide Fairing For Your Nomad

From Lance:

A while back I added a trunk for additional storage. Well, I have another project that I am working on. I always liked the dual headlight Road Glide frame mount fairing and thought it was worth a shot:

I will call it the NoGlide

RG 2I picked up a Road Glide fairing - Plan is to put it on my 1500 Nomad. I have the Valkyrie trunk, Kind of picking the favorite parts of bikes and putting them together to see what I come up with. - Pretty complete - Need to purchase the lower brackets that clamp on the crash bar. RG 3It came with the crash bar delete bracket so I will sell that off. Also came with the neck bracket and the radio mount. I picked up a really nice windshield for it at a swap meet today for $10.00.

The best part of it is that it is a damn near perfect match on the paint so I can mock it up and test & tune before painting and it will not look like the circus came to town.

RG 16I rounded up a set of 98-09 lower mounts and mocked it up - Keep in mind it is just sitting on the fender and the crash bar very loosely - I am going to look for a set of 2010 & up brackets as it raises it almost an inch. If that doesn't get me where I want to be I will make custom. I may even go with the 2015 & up and just add a "T" on the top where needed as they are taller yet.

RG 9

The biggest pain in the @$$ was the plate behind the headlight that the bucket mounts to. There are two bolts that are under the triple tree so you need to remove the top tree to get access to the bolts.

Once I got that out of the way I noticed right away that the HD center support bracket arms are pretty much parallel and the Kaw frame is tapered. What I ended up doing is making a couple plates that bolt to the Kaw neck and then trim the HD bracket to meet up with them. tacked it in place, Removed the bracket and finish weld it.

Also the brake line that is bolted to the lower tree is going to be an issue, A little creative bracket design and I should be good.

I bought a pair of 2015+ HD road glide lower brackets as they are pretty long and looks like I can get them to work after designing a "T" to bolt to the top wherever it lands.

It looks like I will have great coverage as far as the windshield and also the clearance on the handlebars to the fairing looks good. I am going to try to put RivNuts into the frame for the bracket to bolt to.

I put two 5/16 Riv-nuts on each side of the neck to hold the brackets I fabricated, Bolted the brackets to the neck and started whacking on the HD mount. The RH side was a bit of a pain as the steering lock is on that side.

RG 16Ended up removing the lower arms on the HD bracket all together, It was hitting the brake line and really complicating things. I figured out the angle it needed to be at and tacked it in place. Measured about 100 times and then measured it again to various parts on the bike - Took it off and laid a good bead on it. I am making a flat plate that will go between the arms on the mount to clean it up and hide the wiring.

You can see in one of the pictures where the brake line would hit if the lower bracket was still in place.

Finally got enough pieces & parts together and got it installed. Custom made neck support and I modified 2015 Road glide crash bar brackets to work with the 2005 fairing and the Kaw crash bar.

Still need to put the turn signals on and get some audio wired in. I am going to run the road glide 5.25 speakers along with some 2" tweeters where the HD gauges were along with the Valkyrie tour pack speakers, Hopefully it works as well as I am thinking it will.

RG 14I Really like the headlight, Nice & bright.

i'm going to have my vinyl guy make some road glide script letters that say NoGlide for the front fender. :)

I was able to use the stock turn signals by fabricating a small tab that bolts to the lower fairing bracket - I will definitely swap them out for something different but it got me on the road.

Took it for a 100 mile ride today, Windshield height is perfect and my hands stay warmer. All in all I really like it. Do the sound system and paint this winter & should be ready to roll in the spring.

Hopefully this gives Nomad owners another option for a fairing.

RG 13

RG 18

RG 20

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Hello, I am looking to do this on a Yamaha royal star and was wondering if you had anymore pictures that might give a little more insight on the main bracket mount. I know this article is a few years old but I found this on the internet (email redacted). Thanks in advance
Unfortunately I don't have any other information on this mod. It was submitted by another site visitor who managed to get it working, but I only have what was submitted. Sorry.
Do you have another bracket you want to sell. I would love to have that fairing