Modify Your Windshield Angle for Nomad

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Thanks again to Vernon Appenzeller

You may have read elsewhere on this site or on your favorite Vulcan list or newsgroup that helmet buffeting is a frequently mentioned problem for Nomad owners. There are many tips posted to help you reduce the problem, examples would be here and here.

So, now what? Well, thanks to the creative mind of Vernon Appenzeller who produces some of the best looking aftermarket lowers on the market for Nomad, we're going to not only give you another thing to try but it may also give your bike a slightly sleeker look and might even increase your top speed... or not. Anyway, check the photo above (click to enlarge) and I'll let Vernon describe this super simple and practically free mod...


I noticed when my Nomad is sitting next to my Valk Tourer... the windshield is too vertical and the wind slams into and around instead of flowing over...contributing to turbulence. Here's the fix.

  1. Loosen the top windshield adjusting bolts and remove the bottom bolts.
  2. Run the windshield all the way up and lower the center 'slider'.
  3. Lean the windshield back a few degrees and tighten the upper bolts to hold in place. Adjust the lower part of the bracket so that you can put a good sized zip tie (tightened snugly) on the back of the fork bracket and through the back of the windshield bracket to hold in place as shown in the photo above. If you can make it fit, use a second zip tie over the top of the first just to provide extra strength. (you'll need to lower the 'slider' a bit more as the rake of the shield will create a bit of a gap).
  4. Make sure the upper windshield bracket does not contact the gas tank in lock to lock turns of the handlebars (mine cleared close but nicely). Take a ride.

You'll notice a little more air on your knees but your upper body is subjected to a really nice still air pocket. You'll also note that you can easily see over the shield without helmet turbulence. Ride with it like that for a while and, if you like it, simply drill a small hole for a small bolt and nut (with the zip tie still in place) through the brackets to make the adjustment permanent. Cut away the zip tie and you're done. Your only investment is your time, a couple of zip ties and inexpensive bolts (if you go for the permanent install). You can always reinstall the lower bolts and put it back upright if desired for alternate riding conditions. I've had mine in that configuration for many months and thousands of miles and plan on leaving it that way....much more comfortable (and quiet for the driver).

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