What Oil Should I Use?

Certainly not limited to Vulcan lists, owners of all bikes want to know "what oil should I be using?"

The short answer is, any oil you want to use as long as it isn't the types promoting higher gas mileage (generally called energy conservation). These oils have a friction modifier in them and are not compatible with wet clutches and transmission gears. You'll find "friction modifiers" mentioned in a circle on the packaging. Do not use these oils in your Vulcan.

Many motorcyclists use nothing but automotive oil of the weight recommended by the bikes maker. Others won't use anything but "motorcycle specific" oils and still others prefer synthetics for their much higher heat and pressure tolerances and longer change intervals (check the syn makers websites for specifics). There are huge pricing differences from less than a dollar a quart to seven or eight dollars a quart. That can be a $20 difference with each oil change.

The good news is, they're all (dino and synthetic) compatible so you can experiment. Try different brands if you want every oil change and see which "feels" best to you. There is a difference in shifting between oil brands/types.

If you still have questions maybe they'll be answered by one of the many oil related articles on this Fixit page.

Last Updated: Thursday, August 09 2018 @ 10:03 AM PDT

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