My rear end clicks

This seems to be a common comment especially with under 2000 miles. The cause is almost always easily fixed starting with removal of the back wheel.

The causes are varied (and since you're probably under warranty may as well let the service department sort it out). Helpful hints though: Kawasaki issued this service bulletin in the Spring of 2003. The retaining ring had been identified earlier is a possible culprit with at least one rider reporting his shop just removed the ring, threw it away and told him it wasn't really important anyway. Hopefully that guy found another shop.

Other causes have been reported. Check for lubricant on the splines. If that's ok have the dealer check the wheel bearings to be certain they were pressed in completely at the factory. Another factory recommended fix is to flip the spline assembly in the wheel hub 180 degrees.

Last Updated: Thursday, August 09 2018 @ 10:58 AM PDT

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