What is Seafoam?

I keep reading about a product called Seafoam on the Vulcan forums and lists. What is it and where do I find it?

Seafoam is a chemical additive some refer to as "tune up in a can" that can be found at most NAPA stores.

Used in the gas tank it will remove water from the fuel, clean gum and varnish from the tank and other parts of the fuel system created when gasoline just sits and will clean injectors and jets. Once Seafoam reaches the combustion chamber it really goes to work, breaking down carbon buildup on the piston, valves and head. The result is almost always a smoother running engine and the end of pre-ignition (unless there are other problems). Use an ounce of Seafoam per gallon of gas with each oil change.

Some riders use Seafoam in their crankcase to clean up the lower end too. If you change oil on a regular basis (per vehicle manufacturers recommendations) this shouldn't be necessary but also won't hurt.

You'll find more information on the Seafoam website.

Last Updated: Thursday, August 09 2018 @ 10:34 AM PDT