What air pressure should I use in my tires?

I'm noticing some cupping on my front tire, is there something I can do about it?
The bike just doesn't seem to handle quite right, would adjusting air pressure help?

Yes and yes. It is generally agreed that Kawasaki's recommended tire pressures are a little on the soft side, especially in front which seems to cause cupping (especially on the left side which wears more quickly than the right). A good rule of thumb would be 'when in doubt go with the tire manufacturers recommendation for your bike. For instance, Metzeler recommends a minimum pressure of 36 front and 40 rear on the Nomad with the 880 tire. Many have found 39/41 offers great handling and wear Vary that front pressure by a pound up or down until you have a neutral handling machine. The amount of 'stuff' you're carrying in your bags will have some effect on the best pressure as will your weight and the weight of your passenger. You can always return to the manufacturers recommendations if you aren't happy with the change.

Here's a list of common tire manufacturers websites and help numbers to help you find recommendations for your combination:

By the way, getting a tire gauge on the front tire (especially Nomad with the dual disks in the way) can be a challenge. Next time you replace the front tire replace the valve stem too. Use a "shorty".

There are choices from this shortystems chrome to this stem black.

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