My rear turn signals are loose!

Other riders keep telling me my rear turn signals look like they're loose and about to fall off the bike

If you've tried wiggling them you've probably noticed there is quite a bit of play which sort of lets the lens mounts 'float'. There is a theory that this play (which seems to vary from bike to bike) was designed into the signals to give the bulb filaments a break from vibration, extending bulb life. There is a fix if the looseness bothers you which doesn't seem to have much if any effect on bulbs.

The fix: Remove the turn signal assembly from your rear fender (2 bolts from the tire side) and you'll find there is a metal sleeve inserted in a rubber grommet. Each of the bolts run through the sleeve. Remove the sleeves and grind or cut between 1/32 and 1/16 of an inch off of each (measure twice, cut once). A little goes a very long way here. Put the sleeves back in the grommets and bolt your turn signal back on. If there's still too much play for your taste you can grind a little more off the sleeves.

Last Updated: Thursday, August 09 2018 @ 10:38 AM PDT