Can I put a 5 gallon tank from an FI Vulcan on my carbed Classic or Nomad?

We'll never say never (because someone is sure to find a way) but this would be a tough job for a seven tenths of a gallon advantage.

The challenges:

  1. The 4.2 gallon tank has a hole in it to accommodate the analog gauge package, the five gallon tank does not (this is where the bulk of the extra capacity comes from) You would have to switch to the digital gauge package offered on the FI bikes. That would include finding a way to mount the speedometers electronic sensor on the transmission output shaft and fit the appropriate wiring.
  2. The FI tank fits a high pressure fuel pump inside with a hose dropping straight down from the center to provide gas to the injectors. You would have to remove the pump and put a plate over the (large) opening in the bottom of the tank.
  3. Plumbing is different in that the FI bikes don't have a petcock to give you some 'reserve' range to find a gas station. You will have to find a way to mount a fuel sensor inside the tank (normally part of the fuel pump package) to indicate fuel is low or fit a petcock to your fuel line (this requires a double height pickup in the tank)

If you can overcome the above you can certainly figure out any other minor fitment problems that might exist. Good luck.

Last Updated: Thursday, August 09 2018 @ 10:40 AM PDT