Modify That F&S Backrest To Work With Mustang Seat

[Gadget Note: This modification is necessary for most when switching from the stock Nomad seat to the Mustang aftermarket seat. Many riders like the adjustment this provides even with the stock seat. Remember, measure twice, cut once!]

Roctane Says:

Basically, what is involved is taking the chrome tube that wraps around passenger the seat and modifying it. The tube has large sleeved connections that actually connect two pipes in this assembly and are located on each side of the drivers seat. It is necessary to unsolder or cut the exposed thread off the pipe once the chrome pipes are separated by way of unscrewing the sleeve. Cut approximately an inch off the pipe before resoldering the thread back on.

The Nuts & Bolts Of It From Ny2az

First, remove the actual backrest portion of the assembly by loosening the knurled knobs and pulling it out. Set the assembly aside. Remove the knurled knobs and put them in a safe place. Remove the entire cage or bracket assembly from your motorcycle (you'll be using a torch and don't want to be heating up the wrong things right?) Put the bracket assembly in a vice (using padding so you don't scratch the chrome) or on the floor and have someone hold onto it. You'll be doing a little twisting.

Now, begin removal of those threaded ends. You have to sit there with a propane torch and let the pipe get almost cherry red...with a set of pliers when it gets hot enough and the solder melts, twist and the threaded assembly will start to move...after both ends are worked off let it cool down, then with a dremel, cut one inch off each end. (Wrapping some masking tape around the pipe will allow you to draw a line and prevent chrome chipping) Now scuff up about a 1/4 inch on each end with the dremel using a grinding bit so that the solder has something to grab. Take the threaded end on each side and tap them on with a hammer.

Fire up the torch again and this time less heat will be required to solder the ends on... heat the threaded ends and from inside add some solder... let cool, clean and add grease to the threaded ends and your done...Believe me when I say there is plenty of room for comfortable riding position adjustments now.

Thanks For This Mod To Roctane and Ny2azo

[Gadget Notes: Ny2az says there was no blueing of the chrome other than the heated portion which is to be cut off anyway. Another (smaller) adjustment can be made by simply removing the backrest from your bike and elongating the mounting holes. Slot them forward (but don't break through) and you'll be able to move the backrest to the rear about half an inch without going through the above procedure.]

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