Speed/RPM Guide Specifically for Drifter 800/1500 (NITF)

  1- Choose Your Bike: The gearing fields will automatically change for you  
  800 Drifter1500 Drifter  
  2- Enter RPM or speed into green cells.  
  3- View results in bold.  
  Note, there are additional changeable cells (bottom left) for those who measure speed in KPH and for those whose  
  speedometers are not correct. Vulcan digital speedometers are typically 10% fast from the factory.  
          Let Engine RPM =   Let Vehicle Speed =    
  Primary Reduction                    
  (for motorcycles only;     Overall Vehicle Speed   % of max RPM Engine speed    
  use 1.0 for cars)       Reduction     (RPM)    
  Transmission 1st        
  Gear 3rd        
  Ratios 5th        
  Final Drive Reduction                  
  Tire Diameter (inches)     Circumference =          
  Engine Redline (RPM)                  
  Speedometer Error     (+) If speedo reads fast and (-) if the speedo reads slow      
          Enter (0) to see actual vehicle speeds      
  Units (MPH or KPH)                  


Automatic recalculation 


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