Super Simple Seat Stud

For 1500 Owners With Fat Fingers

For years now, owners of Vulcan 1500's have either had to drag out the 10mm socket wrench or cobble together a quick removal knob to pull the bike's seat off the frame. Who knew there could be an alternative solution? Michel Massé did. Michel says he not only got tired of trying to fit fat fingers in under the seat to remove the 10mm bolt but one day that bolt snapped off. That was it, time for another way to get er' done and what did he come up with? The Stud!

What You'll Need

  • 2 - M8 w M6 thread Stud (or if you have a tap, use any 5/16" bolt cut to length and made into a stud)
  • 2 - Optional threaded thumb caps, wing nuts, cap nuts (your choice) to screw onto the stud
  • Hacksaw or Dremel cutting wheel


Seat Stud 1

How To Do It

  1. Remove the factory 10mm bolt and your seat
  2. Screw a stud into the threaded hole replacing the bolt as shown at right. Use a dab of Locktite or whatever thread locker you prefer (fingernail polish works) to make sure the stud doesn't back out on its own.
  3. Seat Stud 2
    Cut the tabs on your seat so you now have a slot on the bottom instead of a hole as shown at left.
  4. Seat Stud 3
    Put your seat on. Add your optional nut or cap (stainless steel nut shown at right).

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