Floorboard Space Maker

Handy After an Air Cleaner Mod

Thanks to Johnny Vulcan

You may have heard this comment, maybe even made it yourself: "After I added the Hypercharger (or other fat air cleaner) my foot was being shoved off the floorboard. How's this for a simple solution.Move the floorboard! Here's how JV did it.

I simply went to the hardware store and got floorboard mount bolts and brake mount bolts 1/2 inch longer and 4 flat washers. The new bolts are not flare head like the stock ones so washers were necessary.

jv_bolt1.jpg (41473 bytes)
Took a 7/8 x 5 inch shoulder bolt, drilled a hole down the center in the drill press at work,

jv_spacers.jpg (37262 bytes)
cut off the head and disposed of that, cut four(4), 1/2 thick spacers and disposed of the threaded part.

jv_floorboard_moved.jpg (81943 bytes)
Placed the spacers behind the mounts with the longer bolts and washers.

This is a very sturdy mod and can hold my 325 lbs. Helps add comfort and ease to operating the brake.


jv_spacers_readymade.jpg (29478 bytes)


[Gadget Note: Take a look at the photos and note Johnny only had to drill through the top and non threaded portion of the bolt. You can probably do that with a hand drill and vice. If you have a decent hardware store in your area (not Lowes or Home Depot) you should be able to purchase stainless steel spacers that look like this. They are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths.]

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